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Central Line-associated Blood Stream Infections


Below please find information and materials from conferences, webinars, and other learning sessions related to the NYSPFP CLABSI Initiative.

CLABSI Prevention Webconference: Hardwiring Improvement (September 29, 2014)
Innovations in CAUTI and CLABSI Reduction Efforts (August 8, 2012) CLABSI Outside of the ICU Setting: Three Hospital Experiences (July 18, 2012) NYSPFP CLABSI Initiative Monthly Webinar (June 20, 2012) CAUTI/CLABSI Kick-off Educational Webinar (May 24,2012) Measurement for NYSPFP Infection Prevention Initiatives (May 16, 2012) Infection Prevention Webinar (May 2, 2012)
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Persons with disabilities having problems accessing any NYSPFP materials or resources for this initiative may call 518-431-7685 or email Nancy Landor.