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Patient and Family Engagement


The NYSPFP initiative to support Patient and Family Engagement (PFE) is designed to assist hospitals in developing strategies to engage, mobilize, and support patients and care partners to ensure their voice is an integral component in care delivery. NYSPFP provides support in the identification and involvement of patient and family advisors and the implementation of a formal patient and family advisory council (PFAC).

The goal of NYSPFP's PFE initiative is to improve outcomes and experience of care by effectively engaging patients and care partners and integrating PFE into quality improvement activities.
NYSPFP’s approach continues to build upon the achievements hospitals have made in advancing PFE by providing education, coaching, and support. Notably, NYSPFP focuses its support on implementation strategies to improve communication with––and engagement and empowerment of––the patient and care partner. In addition to its statewide webinars and one-on one-coaching, NYSPFP has developed tools and resources in this area.
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Persons with disabilities having problems accessing any NYSPFP materials or resources for this initiative may call 518-431-7685 or email Nancy Landor.
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