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No Harm Across the Board


NYSPFP's No Harm Across the Board initiative provides hospitals with a framework that shifts the emphasis from hospital-acquired condition rates to a patient-centered focus on the real number of patients who experience any form of potentially preventable harm. Preventing harm events is personal and critical to each patient. Tracking the number of individual harm events, rather than rates, can have a direct impact in empowering frontline staff and can help emphasize that no harm is acceptable.

NYSPFP's focus on achieving No Harm Across the Board is designed to support hospitals' patient safety and performance improvement efforts by employing a systemic approach to measuring, monitoring, and continually improving care, and by helping hospitals track and produce an overall harm trend for their facility.
NYSPFP will provide technical assistance and support to hospitals to help track cases of patient harm, as well as harm avoided, and to educate staff on the importance of focusing on each harm event (why they occur and how to prevent future events), and not only looking at rates.
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