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Health Care Disparities


NYSPFP supports hospitals to improve the quality of health care for patients regardless of their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and literacy level.

The goal of NYSPFP's focus on reducing health care disparities is to assist hospitals in identifying potential disparities in care delivery through standardized capture of data and information, to better address these disparities and reduce harm.
NYSPFP will provide hospitals with tools and education and training opportunities on best practices to improve the capture of standard Race, Ethnicity, Age, and Language (REAL) data and use of this data to inform patient-centered care and targeted interventions to reduce disparities. NYSPFP will also guide hospitals toward patient health care-related information that is easily accessible, understandable, and culturally appropriate.
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Persons with disabilities having problems accessing any NYSPFP materials or resources for this initiative may call 518-431-7685 or email Nancy Landor.
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