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Organizations that will actively support and engage in NYSPFP activities include:
  • New York State Department of Health
  • New York State regional hospital associations
  • United Hospital Fund
  • IPRO
  • Healthcare Trustees of New York State
  • New York State Health Foundation
  • Center for Medical Consumers
  • Medical Society of the State of New York
  • Excellus
Organizations have expressed their support of NYSPFP activities:
  • Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  • New York Organization of Nurse Executives
  • New York Chapter of the American College of Physicians
  • New York Chapter of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

About NYS Partnership for Patients

The New York State Partnership for Patients (NYSPFP) is a joint initiative of the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS) and the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA). NYSPFP was created in 2011 as part of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Partnership for Patients Hospital Engagement Network (HEN), to improve the quality and safety of health care provided in hospitals across the State.

In September 2016, CMS awarded NYSPFP a Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN) contract to continue its HEN improvement efforts, which produced significant reductions in hospital acquired conditions (HAC) and readmissions in New York hospitals. NYSPFP is now partnering with IPRO, the State’s Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) to achieve CMS’ goals of reducing HACs by 20% and readmissions by 12% from a 2014 baseline.
NYSPFP Guiding Principles
NYSPFP organizes its performance improvement activities to reduce hospital-acquired conditions, as well as to improve patient, family, and leadership engagement around an overarching set of guiding principles. These cross-cutting guiding principles underscore the importance of a hospital safety culture, including innovation, engagement, integration, and the hardwiring of best practices. NYSPFP Guiding Principles Diagram
Previous HEN Achievements
Through the first three years of operating a HEN, NYSPFP supported 169 participating hospitals working to achieve the national goals of reducing hospital-acquired conditions by 40% and preventable readmissions by 20%. The data in this report represent NYSPFP hospitals’ collective efforts and illustrate that fewer patients in New York State are at risk of becoming injured or developing an unexpected medical condition or complication while in the hospital. In 2015 CMS awarded another one-year contract, HEN 2.0, to HANYS and GNYHA to continue partnering with member hospitals to further achieve the national goals of reducing hospital-acquired conditions by 40% and preventable admissions by 20%. Hospitals participating in NYSPFP exceeded the 40% goal in several conditions, including device-related infections and surgical-site infections. State hospitals also came close (16%) to meeting CMS’s readmissions goal.
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